Tipping the Balance: Using Fashion to Make You Feel More Confident

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Sometimes we can look in the mirror and feel somewhat grotesque, especially during times of the year like Halloween, but while Halloween gives us the opportunity to don the unpretty aspects of fashion or embrace the quirks, what can we do to make ourselves feel empowered? Power dressing has evolved over the years but what can we do to give ourselves that confident lift through our fashion choices?


Finding Outfit Enhancers

Finding key accessories like statement shoes, a wide belt, or even the right pair of glasses can help you to feel that little boost when you aren’t feeling 100%. You could easily look here for some empowering glasses but outfit, enhancers can make us feel powerful and sexy at the same time. It shows the world that we aren’t willing to shy away from anything. But when we have those days when we are needing a little boost, this is one of those little things that we can rely on. Sometimes we feel like we need some support in terms of how we look, so by falling back on things we know that does the job can help us focus our mind and feel better.


Dress Like the Person You Want to Be, Not the Person You Are

Everybody uses the expression “dress for the job you want.” But if you want to be your own superhero, use outfits to translate your moods or what you would like to see yourself as. When we wake up in the morning and decide that we want to be an invigorated version of ourselves, we can use bold textures and shapes. When we want to feel bolder in ourselves we can make bold choices when it comes to color. Choosing colors that clash together without looking strange is a fine art, but picking a dark blue with a bold red accessory is a simple place to begin. If you want to feel bolder, you need to go to a place beyond your comfort zone.


Bring Your Personality Out

When you aren’t feeling confident, buying the right piece of clothing can take you back to a more positive frame of mind. When you lose something about yourself through stress or something difficult in life, choosing a piece of clothing with the right accessories to help you feel better in your own skin again is a tried and tested method. But you also need to get back to what your personality was before you lost this confidence. It may be about having the confidence to pair unusual pieces together, or dressing in a way that is forcing you to be more confident. When we look at ourselves in the mirror and see someone different than how we feel, this can be the boost we need.


Search for Your Signature Style

Do you have time to discover your signature style? If you don’t have the opportunity to find what suits you, you are missing out. Take the chance to find what works and what pieces make you feel great without having to labor over the choices in the morning when you are running late, only to find that you are regretting these choices come lunchtime. Never be afraid to repeat your outfits, especially if they make you feel good. When you find a style that you feel confident in, you should turn it into your signature style and make the most of it.


Be a Law Unto Yourself!

If you want to feel powerful, fashion is one of the best tools to make anybody feel confident. If you don’t have anybody dictating the rules, you can do whatever you want to make you feel perfect. Think about comfort rather than style. The pandemic has made a lot of people rethink their style choices, especially those that have spent months in flats because they haven’t needed to wear heels. And some have decided they are never going back to heels. If you want to feel more confident because your feet are firmly on the ground, who is anybody to tell you otherwise? Think about the right tools that make you feel happy. We spend so long thinking that we need to make ourselves perfect, when, in fact, we should just listen to our instincts.


Fashion is a fantastic tool to make you feel powerful. And when you need to boost your confidence, it is one of the best ways to force yourself to look in the mirror and feel happy with who you are. We all have those days when we are not feeling great but this is where fashion can tip the balance.