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Where the Magic Begins

7:42 pm 01月13日

Once upon on a time, there was a girl who loved all things enchanting and dreamy. She was a princess and a villain of her own strange kingdom, a hopeful girl at heart and fiery magic in her eyes. That girl is me and she is really hungry right now 💦💢

Today, I’ll be taking you on an adventure to my crib the most magical place in the whole planet to me(* ^ ω ^)

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San Fransisco Dreamin’ ft. Golden Gate ++

8:35 am 12月30日

My family and I went a little up northern Cali during the Christmas weekend. From the sunny city of Los Angeles to the cool city of San Fransisco. It’s a city i’ve never set foot in before, but man was I mesmerised. It was love at first sight!

The charming buildings, quaint shops & chilly atmosphere — touring around these streets for the first time was simply enchanting to me.

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tokyo daydreaming

1:57 pm 07月24日


There are 3 places in Tokyo I always fall back to daydreaming about: Harajuku, Shimo-kitazawa & Koenji 💕

In this photo diary, I’ll be taking you on my day to Shimo-kitazawa & Harajuku through a few shots that I took( ´∀`)I’ll be showing a few shops that I adore going to, and new ones that I’ve encountered along the way.

naominikola-shimokitazawa-may-145  naominikola-shimokitazawa-may-139

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