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Early Months of 2019 ❄️?

12:31 am 06月23日

Keeping up with me during the early months of 2019 ❄️?

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Blog, Diary, Fashion

tokyo daydreaming

1:57 pm 07月24日


There are 3 places in Tokyo I always fall back to daydreaming about: Harajuku, Shimo-kitazawa & Koenji ?

In this photo diary, I’ll be taking you on my day to Shimo-kitazawa & Harajuku through a few shots that I took( ´∀`)I’ll be showing a few shops that I adore going to, and new ones that I’ve encountered along the way.

naominikola-shimokitazawa-may-145  naominikola-shimokitazawa-may-139

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