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New Year’s Eve at Santa Monica

1:48 pm 03月3日

I was thrilled to find out that my family decided to visit Santa Monica for the New Year’s (o^^o) It’s been so long, I remember strolling here at 14 with my heart soaring high and laughter so loud my lungs heaved. Everything feels so far away now, but being here again makes me remember those silly times again ?

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Where the Magic Begins

7:42 pm 01月13日

Once upon on a time, there was a girl who loved all things enchanting and dreamy. She was a princess and a villain of her own strange kingdom, a hopeful girl at heart and fiery magic in her eyes. That girl is me and she is really hungry right now ??

Today, I’ll be taking you on an adventure to my crib the most magical place in the whole planet to me(* ^ ω ^)

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San Fransisco Dreamin’ ft. Golden Gate ++

8:35 am 12月30日

My family and I went a little up northern Cali during the Christmas weekend. From the sunny city of Los Angeles to the cool city of San Fransisco. It’s a city i’ve never set foot in before, but man was I mesmerised. It was love at first sight!

The charming buildings, quaint shops & chilly atmosphere — touring around these streets for the first time was simply enchanting to me.

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