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Sunny & Blue

12:49 pm 07月2日

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Everyday Contraptions

6:59 pm 12月2日



Here’s a very much requested thingamabob I’ve been working on but keep forgetting to finish for a while now: Contraptions I carry with me on a daily basis. Or.. when I go out of my cave (which is rarely tbqh…💦)

On this entry, I’ll be showing you guys what frequently lives inside my bag~ Yes, it’s all very pink. Bear with me here. But if you’re massively into some cute stuff like me, then carry on~


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forever 21

9:06 pm 07月1日

birthday partynaominikola-birthdayparty-4「Oh, why can’t we start old and get younger?」


This blog entry consists of pretty images from my birthday party last June 11: where I celebrated growing another year older with a few friends, cute contraptions, sweets, and heaps of tequila rose.


warning: photo heavy post!

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