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Early Months of 2019 ❄️?

12:31 am 06月23日

Keeping up with me during the early months of 2019 ❄️?

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Musings under Cherry Blossoms

7:25 pm 04月16日


I came back to my dream city again! It was a bit of an impulsive decision, as I’m not supposed to be here for another year. Things came up though and now here I am( ‘ – ‘*) A lot of overwhelming things have been happening recently, and I’ve honestly been trying my best to look for the energy to do anything. This may sound a bit crybaby-like, but it’s really stressful to do the littlest things right now, even the things I love doing the most. I would rather stare into space the whole day, or lie on my bed until the sun rises.

I decided to live in Tokyo for a while again, crossing fingers that this would be good for me. I disliked the cycle that’s been happening, and I wanted to keep moving. This isn’t an escape, this is about finding myself back up again.


In this diary entry, I’ll be showing a bit more about myself, and a little of how I see angles of certain things.

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