B l o g

Where did you get your theme?
The base template is from Solo Pine but I heavily edit my themes a great amount so it might not look like it anymore.

Do you do theme commissions?
Yes! Click here for more details

*Shop Question*
Please contact through the shop website support or ask the tumblr page.

Can I sponsor you?
Yes! Click here for more info

Are you open to collaborations?
Yes! Click here for more info

S e l f

What is your height?
155 cm

What do you use to edit your pictures?
cs6 // phone: beautycam + tinytickles

ok but why are you here

(/。\)I’m very sorry— I’m no good at compliments or nice things, so i end up replying with something so boring or sometimes not posting them.. but i just want to let all of you guys know (who messaged me sweet things;;) that you’re really kind for saying those things to me and it really makes my day. Honestly.

Feel free to message me here if you have any more things you are wondering about or you’d like to say!