Girl 女性

About In this current space, she goes by Naomi (n. nā-ō′mē), a little moon beam drenched in pinks and blues. Currently, she dwells in the heart of Metro Manila, Philippines while seasonally drifting to Tokyo, Japan for her studies. She is a self-proclaimed fashion artist & newbie entrepreneur and on the side handles the international online boutique known as Milk Club.

A part-time magical girl and a heartless armed angel, Naomi would like to believe she has been building her own universe with her own imagination, and is yearning to express it in any art form she could hold on to. At day, you’d find her in her world – illustrating, fashion designing, or simply daydreaming her life away. At night, she’d rather find delight with the graphic arts, website coding & playing mad video games.


This website was spawned to collect her crafts, photos, thoughts and dreams for creating her own space of digital mess. Don’t forget to enjoy, get amused or inspired!

“I am still so naïve; I know pretty much what I like and dislike; but please, don’t ask me who I am. A passionate, fragmentary girl, maybe?”
— Sylvia Plath


cotton-candy-naominikola-4 Name: Naomi Nikola
 Height: 155cm
 Birthday: June 11
 Zodiac: Gemini
 lvl: 21
 Blood Type: O
 M or S: 70% M 30% S
 Food: Cotton Candy, Croissant & Strawberries
 Drinks: Green Tea, Strawberry Milk & Peach Juice
Music Genre: Psychedelic, Dream Pop, New Wave, Vaporwave


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Waifus: Erio Touwa, Shiro, Ririchiyo Shirakiin, Karuta Roromiya
Universes: kids next door, death note, spirited away, adventure time, Vocaloid, ATLA
Films: Leon: The Professional (1994), V for Vendetta (2005), Fight Club (1999), Lolita (1997)

Likes: ‘Kawaii’, ice cream, gore, mythology, music boxes, bread, love letters & memes
Dislikes: insincerity, crowded spaces, prejudice, ruined plans, senseless rules, close-mindedness