DIY Honmei Choco

10:23 pm 02月10日

Since Junior High, I’ve been practicing the art of making and decorating chocolates to give to friends and loved ones every year(^ ^)It’s a fun way to be able to show appreciation to the people I care about in a form that everyone loves: C h o c o l a t e

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Back to school!

5:56 pm 09月1日

naomi-nikola-whats-in-my-school-bag-12 copy

Queue the school bell!

The term is starting for me once again. And frankly, I am not prepared one bit! I have been such a lazy girl lately and the thought of school just makes me want to crawl back under my sheets. Although! I remember one of the things that really prep me up for classes, and that’s using my favourite stationeries I collect!

I find myself more motivated whenever I use or wear something that I like; perhaps something more pink, something more cute! You know?

So here I am, once again showing my love for all things cute that it hurts: Another school essentials blog entry(=`ω´=)

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Dreamy Galaxy Jars DIY Tutorial

9:23 pm 02月19日


Let’s catch galaxies on our hands, all the stars and skies we could find with our very own nebula jars!

It’s easier than it looks, I promise. To top it off, the outcome is always unique and up to the maker’s imagination( ´ ▽ ` )


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A talk on Kawaii Culture

8:49 pm 01月24日

On this entry, I’ll be blogging about two special events that occurred last November (I know, i know, it’s a bit late too!) ~ I’ll also be sharing an overview of what I talked about on those days.

I was invited to be a guest speaker of these two talks hosted by two cool universities in the Philippines. In both events, I talked about my take on the Kawaii Culture. I was also encouraged to share my views, experiences, tips & insights about them, my own Kawaii lifestyle, fashion aesthetics and more(*´∀`*) This will be a heavy post so brace yourselves!

Kawaii Talk in ADMU

This is what Kawaii looks like @ Ateneo De Manila University


Kawaii Talk De La Salle University

Kawaii Talk @ De La Salle University

Okay, phew. Here it goes!

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