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Story-telling: How I studied in Japan (tips & afterthoughts)

2:08 pm 09月10日

A story on how I came to study where I am now. With some tips & details on how to study in Japan!


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Beauty Care Routine

12:23 pm 08月16日

Hey dolls! Today I’ll be sharing some secrets that I’ve always, always, always(!!!) been asked about online. Yup, my beauty skin care routine (っ´ω`c) This is not a foolproof thing for anyone and is just a set that has just worked best for me so far. So if you’re curious, keep goin’~!

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DIY Honmei Choco

10:23 pm 02月10日

Since Junior High, I’ve been practicing the art of making and decorating chocolates to give to friends and loved ones every year(^ ^)It’s a fun way to be able to show appreciation to the people I care about in a form that everyone loves: C h o c o l a t e

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Back to school!

5:56 pm 09月1日

naomi-nikola-whats-in-my-school-bag-12 copy

Queue the school bell!

The term is starting for me once again. And frankly, I am not prepared one bit! I have been such a lazy girl lately and the thought of school just makes me want to crawl back under my sheets. Although! I remember one of the things that really prep me up for classes, and that’s using my favourite stationeries I collect!

I find myself more motivated whenever I use or wear something that I like; perhaps something more pink, something more cute! You know?

So here I am, once again showing my love for all things cute that it hurts: Another school essentials blog entry(=`ω´=)

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