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stuck all day, daydreaming mixtape 1.0

7:10 pm 11月19日


Earlier today, I was on my usual routine of daydreaming and listening to some mixes. That’s what I frequently do whenever I’m in my cave. If it’s not surfing the net or playing video games… it’s most likely me being lazy in bed listening to music (´ー`). On this note, I’ve had a lot of people ask me about what music style I most appreciate.

And in all honesty? I have no clue.

I think I like appreciating music in all of its forms. I can’t produce my own songs to save my life, but the art of music just.. entices me I guess. Like any form of masterpiece, I admire how music can impact you the same way. Taking you to another place, memory, story or emotion.

I got this idea that I wanted to do on this blog 💡 Make more playlists; sets of songs that I personally am fond of on certain occasions and moods. I’m gonna start with a bedroom daydreaming mixtape since this idea all started from that — hope you guys would like it!

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Back to school!

5:56 pm 09月1日

naomi-nikola-whats-in-my-school-bag-12 copy

Queue the school bell!

The term is starting for me once again. And frankly, I am not prepared one bit! I have been such a lazy girl lately and the thought of school just makes me want to crawl back under my sheets. Although! I remember one of the things that really prep me up for classes, and that’s using my favourite stationeries I collect!

I find myself more motivated whenever I use or wear something that I like; perhaps something more pink, something more cute! You know?

So here I am, once again showing my love for all things cute that it hurts: Another school essentials blog entry(=`ω´=)

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Cardcaptor Sakura Cafe in Ikebukuro

9:13 pm 08月15日


So I got the chance to visit this wonderful childhood favourite – themed cafe in the heart of Ikebukuro.  Any Cardcaptor fans out here ( ´∀`)?

When I heard that Animate Cafe was gonna have a pop-up cafe of this beloved anime, I got my friend (who’s also named Sakura! 笑) to book with me right away 💖


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