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Beauty Care Routine

12:23 pm 08月16日

Hey dolls! Today I’ll be sharing some secrets that I’ve always, always, always(!!!) been asked about online. Yup, my beauty skin care routine (っ´ω`c) This is not a foolproof thing for anyone and is just a set that has just worked best for me so far. So if you’re curious, keep goin’~!

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Cafe Honey mi Honey

1:14 pm 07月18日

Neon Pink lights, patterned tiles and sunny pink walls. Waltzing in Cafe Honey mi Honey Cafe instantly made me catch the wanderlust. A cafe themed as a Pink Motel, what more can you ask for? I felt like I was living in an 80’s American Movie! It was a thrilling experience.

In this diary entry, I’m gonna be sharing some captured moments I took during my visit to this dainty cafe. It’s filled with lots of girly stuff, you’ve been warned~

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