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♡ Tokyo in December Photo Diary ♡

3:01 pm 03月26日

Latest 90 S Anime GIFs | Gfycat

Just a photo dump of all the photos I took on my adventures during December 2019 ?

Koenji Idol Nights

Was invited by a friend to visit an underground idol concert that night and it was so much fun ♡ I took pictures at a nearby crepe stand, their crepe was so good!

Pin on Gif anime

so cute!! ( ´∀`)?

Me on my way to the place, very very sleepy from school!!



Teamlabs Borderless

During December, I also got to go on a cute date to Teamlabs Borderless! It was my second Teamlabs experience yet I’m always enchanted every time (∗˃̶ ᵕ ˂̶∗)

ピンク崩壊 — [my edit]


Q-pot Christmas Party

I was invited to go to Q-pot’s Christmas Party as well, and as always, the food is so cute and sweet! Animated gif about cute in Fu-fu-Foooooddd!! by LOVe MOnster

Harajuku Nights

A random night in Harajuku ♡ 


Autumn-Winter Nightlife

As usual, Abe and I would commit chaos at night like cute bats!! This time we watched Yves Tumor and they were amazing on set(*^ -^*)

80s/90s Anime dance party - Album on Imgur


Visiting Nakano after a long while. I wanted to come see the Serial Experiments Lain exhibit really badly!!

I also got to visit one of my favorite thrift stores in Tokyo and found these babies!! My waifu on  a handmade earring ? I’m so happy!!

Favorite Anime Series #5: Serial Experiments Lain | Anime Amino


Autumn in Yoyogi Park

It was nearing Winter but autumn was still blooming and decided to have a small picnic in Yoyogi park. We played Pokemon go until the night while eating onigiri and drinking sake(*・ω・)ノ

ANIME — ANIME SEASONS: Fall/Autumn ?Cookie Time in Harajuku for Christmas

Cookie time is one of my favourite dessert places in Harajuku. Even if it’s sponsored, no lie when I say their cookies and drinks are so good and filling! They are my favorite cookies hands down (-^〇^-)?

December Camera Roll

The rest of my photos during December ♡ 


Winter Vacation

Spending the rest of Christmas Break in Manila with my family ♡ 

Animated gif about gif in animated by vee on We Heart It

I got to see Mount Fuji so close! ?(o^^o)


tokyo december’19 ♡

♬ Count What You Have Now – Vantage


Thank you for reading <3 

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