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2:24 am 10月28日

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my birthday party adventures last june this year ??


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dizzy dazed & decadent ?

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short hair summer*~!

Hit the campus toy bar with my friends Armaine and Geo

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Top – Barrack Room

Shorts – Last Virgin

Choker – One Spo

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bday gorl?

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happy bday @naomeoww !!

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Colin & Camila tagged along later on when we went to Iron Fairies at Ginza ?‍♀️

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The next day, I spent my birthday with some of my classmates. We went to my fave alcoholic ice cream bar downtown ♡

Top – Nadia

Belt – Milk Club

Skirt – Acne

Shoes – Office Kiko

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ur gemini baby spent her bday? (getting ?turnt ?? with ice cream n friends *~ ???✨ i always like visiting this ice cream bar bc you can also choose all sorts of syrups with the kind of alcohol you want! it tastes super sweet n good too so ?? ♡ ♡ ♡ also wanna say thank u to everyone who greeted me hbd!! i’m really thankful that i’m surrounded by the sweetest and most supportive cuties around (u✨✨). specially thankful to my friends who believe in me so much, i love u guys with my whole soul ? birthdays are usually a weird time of the year for me but i try to make things special for myself and my friends somehow to keep me cheered up. seeing my friends happy makes me happier ?? love all of u guys to the moon and back ♡?? @milks_ebisu ありがとうございました♡

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It’s funny because I never feel like I’m my age. I always feel like I’m either 40 or 5. There is no in between!

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  • Reply Kailey 2019年10月28日 at 1:45 pm

    Happy birthday angel! <3

    • Reply naominikola 2019年10月29日 at 9:18 am

      this was last june aaaaa (super late post;;) but thank you so much bby ?

  • Reply Adi in Pink 2019年10月30日 at 1:10 am

    I think we never feel our age (at least for us air signs). lol
    To be honest life is just about enjoying it and doing everything you want!
    Clearly you took full advantage of that and had tons of fun during your bday last year xD


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