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Store Spotlight: Notebook Therapy

12:23 am 09月10日

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Today’s post is featuring a very kawaii store called Notebook Therapy! Image result for heart pixel kawaii

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What is Notebook therapy?

“NotebookTherapy is that warm feeling of clarity you get when you sit down with a cup of tea, your favourite pen and a brand new notebook… It’s the feeling of emptying your busy mind onto the page and feeling one with yourself again… It’s for the special few who appreciate the beauty and love in a notebook. ☺”

It’s self-explanatory ? A one stop shop for all of your kawaii stationery needs!

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I wore the bag I received from them the moment I got it!

It was another summer day at Harajuku and while I got some sweet treats from one of the best, Cookie Time! – I also got to wear this slamming No Face backpack(○´3`)ノ


Thanks so much to Cookie Time for the amazing cookie ice cream treats! Image result for heart pixel kawaii Their sweets got me crazy this summer ??

Outfit Details

Inner – Milk Club

Outer – Kinji (Thrifted)

Skirt – Dollskill /Delias

Socks – Milk Club

Bag – Chanel

Shoes – Yosuke

Next I received was this super cute, big fluff of a bunny plushie!

I love it to bits! You can get yours here for only $27.98 USD $28.99 USD!

I sleep with this cute little fella and cuddle with it when I play my games or stream!

Here’s some quick videos of both the plushie and the backpack ?

This bag is what I usually bring to school now because it’s just super easy to go around with. It’s super lightweight and it fits both my laptop and ipad comfortably.

So what are you waiting for? be sure to check out for some kawaii goodies ?



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And now for some announcements~

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Just streamed my first video on Twitch the other day! Ahh and I actually kinda enjoy it(#/。\#) I’m gonna try streaming a lot more soon, so be sure to follow me to be the first to know when I go live!

✨?? ??✨

Bunny Gaming Chair sponsored by the amazing autofull gaming chair ?


Thanks for reading! x

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