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spring 2019: cherry blossoms, Teamlabs & Junji Ito meet-up 🌸🦋🐰

5:18 pm 08月9日

Hello spring! 🦋🌸🐰

My view from my window and balcony 💞

Top – Thrifted

Outer Top – Thrifted (Kinji Harajuku)

Skirt – mixxmix

Shoes – Office Kiko

Image result for cherry blossom pixel kawaii

hanami time!

Top – Rosemairie Seoir

Belt – Milk Club

Skirt – Milk Club

Socks – Milk Club

Shoes – Mon lily


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ur my favourite candy crush

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went to Quluqulu cafe with Henrikke & Armaine~

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there you are, picking at my heart again 🥀

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afterwards we hit the arcade then raided armaine’s crib!

We then watched the classic film ‘The Craft’ 💞one of my faves!


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My highlight of my spring!

Finally got to meet one of my idols, Junji Ito-sensei!  😔✊🏻

He drew Tomie and signed my book!  me & henrikke fangirling around the place 💞

tHe ReSEmbLaNcE iS UnCaNnY lmao jk

Related image

Got to also visit a Teamlabs museum for the first time 💞It was honestly such a breathtaking experience. Each step (literally) was a journey.


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some other random shenanigans ✨




thank u for reading! x


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