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‘Bad Dream’: 1st Year’s Final Collection & Fashion Show

2:31 am 08月3日

Today I’m gonna talk about my first year’s final collection! Woo~

Yup, I’m a second year now. In the middle of it, actually. Man… time flies so fast.

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For our mini fashion show, we had to make our chosen design from the last portfolio we did. We had to focus on soft jackets. Or.. ‘Casual Jackets’

My last one’s collection was called ‘Bad Dream’. It was a small tribute inspired by my battle with my demons & my mental health issues.

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i feel like a black hole sometimes

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^ This was the cover art I made for it!


Concept: ‘Soft Girl with Sharp Edges’

For the weirdos with rebellious hearts and a dreamy sense of mind. A brand programmed to severely melt your heart.

Sensitive individuals who are childish and romantic at heart. People who find comfort in the cute, but are not afraid to show their edge. No matter your illness, gender, race & stance- these people are ready to challenge the norm with strange cuteness while wearing these clothes like stylish armor.

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The last drawing was the one me and my professor chose that I’ll be making for the show!

Key points on the soft jacket & skirt:

‘SOS’ embroidery

2 in one collar/turtleneck cut!

The back design is a visual on what goes inside my head. A black moon/black sunset over a dreamy hill.

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can you see me

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I’d also wanna give a shoutout to my friend’s design that I modeled during the event too. Isn’t it so amazing? ?The look was inspired by meat and muscles!

Fashion show day…

After the event, me and my classmates celebrated by going to Koreatown and eating, drinking & singing our hearts away! ?

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You guys are probably already aware, but if you don’t– then I have some news for you! I’ll be showcasing this design in Harajuku this weekend!

That’s right… my first pop-up shop/exhibition is coming. In my favourite place in the world — the place that inspired me to keep moving (;*△*;) It’s still too surreal!!!

It’s not too big but the fact that this is happening is crazy to me.

This one’s for the people that believe in me. This one’s for the self in me that keeps dreaming.

Watch me, self. We got this.

If you’re interested & you’re around Tokyo, please do come drop by!! It would mean the world ?


Thank you guys for believing in me.

Thank you for always sticking by,


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  • Reply mirikoi 2019年08月5日 at 10:59 am

    It’s so amazing to finally see the full process and thought behind one of your designs! After reading the intention behind the accents on the sweater, I feel like I can appreciate your work even more. I really admire how you can turn your inner demons into something so beautiful, and knowing that the goal behind this is to give comfort/expression to those going through some things really warms my heart. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Reply 「 Fashion Creators Expo 2019 」 月光 · Naomi Nikola 2020年04月7日 at 8:50 pm

    […] “Bad dream”, my first soft jacket. Read more about it here. […]

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