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A Spoopy Halloween 2018

1:59 am 05月30日

A super duper late (& spoopy) post on last year’s Halloween Special™ 👻Featuring cute ghouls, terrifyingly cute sweets & more 🕸🎃No tricks, just treats down below!


Cheers to my favourite holiday 🍻

2017’s Halloween came through hard and strong (All C’s Cafe, Hello Kitty Birthday) . What do the spooky cards have for me the year after?

I came on with no tricks but treats here! Did not just 1, not 2, but 3 costumes! Yes, I may or may not have a problem (◕‿◕✿) but, you know what? it was worth it. One is a childhood favourite character, another is one I’ve been doing for years now, and the third change is one that’s completely original!



Meet Colourless, a #Yandere ver of myself that lives in my mind. The impressions I give off of people seem to be that I’m a really colourful gal, so I took it to Halloween to try to subtly throw people off guard. An exaggerated, ‘scary’ side of myself. Yup, by stripping all of my colours away!

Happy halloween scaredy cats 💀💀💀 🔪💉


Buttercup from Powerpuff Girls

Here’s to an all grown-up Buttercup! Well, a naomeoww-fied one anyways(¬‿¬)💚 I honestly relate to Bubbles a lot more, but I didn’t have the wig on time so I stuck to my next big spirit fictional babygurl.

‘Spit it out, Mayor!’

Last minute made the dress too! (´∀`)♥


‘Black Lady’ from Sailor Moon

“Small Lady… Serenity… You did call me that once… But I’m not that little girl anymore. I am the Queen of Darkness, Black Lady. “ a black lady/dark alt sailor moon-inspired look 🖤🥀

A character that I’m never tired of “cosplaying” 🌹Here’s one I did for 2016!

Halloween Party at Ni-chome



Well, that was a glimpse of my Halloween last year👻🌹

Which one do you like the most? And what do you think I should be this year?

Let me know down the comments below!


Thank you for reading!

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