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D.Va at Tokyo Game Show 2018

7:49 pm 01月31日

Went to one of my favourite gamecons ever. Tokyo Game Show! What’s good 💅🏻🎮✨

Read more as I go around as my girl, Hana Song a.k.a. D.Va around the place 💖

For TGS 2018, I cosplayed as one of my favourite girls, D.Va 💘

I got to ride the coolest VR ride. It felt too real!(∗˃̶ ᵕ ˂̶∗)

Since I was cosplaying, I got stuck in certain places for too long \(;∇;)/ I was kind of intrigued at the difference of the cosplay culture here in Japan and in the Philippines.  I don’t know too much in the cosplay world, but I’ve observed that (in cons) anyone is more free to take shoots at any given place or time in Manila. There’s a tendency to get surrounded by photographers as well. In Japan, they all politely line up and take photos one by one! Both are very interesting either way🤔I was just glad but felt a little too bad that people were so patient >< It took hours!




photographs above by abechi06 ✨ ありがとうございました!



late night D.Va hours 🎮👾✨

I don’t really cosplay at all but I do really enjoy going as D.Va. I resonate with her in a way and she inspires me so much (/。\)

Additionally, TGS honestly inspired me to twitch stream my games! Stay tuned for that 💘This has been on my mind for years now but I’ve never had that push. And now I’ve been saving up to build up a PC soon! I’ll be streaming my build up too ✨ If you’d like to help me get the parts faster you can buy me a coffee at 💖 I’m planning to stream games like PUBG, Overwatch, r6, Don’t starve, Overcooked & more!


thank you for reading x


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