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D.Va at Tokyo Game Show 2018

7:49 pm 01月31日

Went to one of my favourite gamecons ever. Tokyo Game Show! What’s good ???✨

Read more as I go around as my girl, Hana Song a.k.a. D.Va around the place ?

For TGS 2018, I cosplayed as one of my favourite girls, D.Va ?

I got to ride the coolest VR ride. It felt too real!(∗˃̶ ᵕ ˂̶∗)

Since I was cosplaying, I got stuck in certain places for too long \(;∇;)/ I was kind of intrigued at the difference of the cosplay culture here in Japan and in the Philippines.  I don’t know too much in the cosplay world, but I’ve observed that (in cons) anyone is more free to take shoots at any given place or time in Manila. There’s a tendency to get surrounded by photographers as well. In Japan, they all politely line up and take photos one by one! Both are very interesting either way?I was just glad but felt a little too bad that people were so patient >< It took hours!




photographs above by abechi06 ✨ ありがとうございました!



late night D.Va hours ??✨

I don’t really cosplay at all but I do really enjoy going as D.Va. I resonate with her in a way and she inspires me so much (/。\)

Additionally, TGS honestly inspired me to twitch stream my games! Stay tuned for that ?This has been on my mind for years now but I’ve never had that push. And now I’ve been saving up to build up a PC soon! I’ll be streaming my build up too ✨ If you’d like to help me get the parts faster you can buy me a coffee at ? I’m planning to stream games like PUBG, Overwatch, r6, Don’t starve, Overcooked & more!


thank you for reading x


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