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Cafe Ron Ron: Harajuku’s Dessert-Go-Round Cafe

8:31 pm 01月19日

Ever tried a sushi conveyor belt before? Do you have a mega sweet tooth like me? Then I’ve got some sugary news for you. In the heart of Harajuku, lies a newly spawned, not so average dessert cafe. Yup, it’s an all-you-can-eat dessert cafe with conveyor belts! How cute? ?

Me, trying very hard to resist the sweets in front of me!

They even provide some cute selection of drinks for you, I got the rose-water drink!

They had so much cute stuff, from cakes, tarts, jellies to salty popcorn, too!

These were my favourite ones. They come in these cute pastel plates!

“Another?”  Don’t mind if I do!

Went with my friends, Manon & Sho-kun! Happy to share this experience with fellow dessert lovers (∗˃̶ ᵕ ˂̶∗)

Thank you for reading! x

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