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Early Summers in Tokyo 2018

7:56 pm 12月9日

Top – Milk Club
Jeans – Bubbles Tokyo
Shoes – Yosuke
1st Belt – Barrack Room
2nd Belt – Milk Club
Badge – Menhera Chan
Choker – WC
Necklace – Faith Tokyo
Bag – One Spo

One of my high school besties came to Tokyo again! We feasted in Egg & Spuma during a Sanrio pop-up event ?


As expected, everything was just as amazing as it looked ( ´ ▽ ` ) We were super duper full once we finished. But it’s all super worth it!

Outfit Details

Inner – 7% more PINK

Outer – Thrifted

Skirt – Nadia 

Belt – Gucci

Cardigan – Nadia

Shoes – Yosuke

Afterwards, we dropped by Koenji & had some wine at the super cute All C’s Cafe ?

On another day, I got to visit this cute cafe/bar in Shibuya called cafe Flamingo ?

It instantly became one of my favourite cafes. The aesthetic is endearing and the food is great (ノ・◡・)ノ ♥

I had a shoot in the same place on another day, when I didn’t have short hair anymore!

I found a nice secret rooftop at my apartment. A sweet place to just chill out and have some fresh air.

Some home food I took pics of!

Another day in Harajuku! This time I got some Eddy’s Ice Cream again, perfect for the early summer blues ?


Lenses sponsored by Pinky Paradise    

Cap – Anti Social Social Club

Inner – Sugar Thrillz

Outer – Thrifted

Belt – Gucci

Skirt – Vannie Tokyo

Shoes – Yosuke

Necklace – Milk Club


Winter is coming quick, and I’m already missing the warmth of early summer. sigh (_ _).。o○ despite the blues it gave, at least I could go out without worrying about the chills!


Thank you for reading everybody!

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