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A Mermaid’s Tale at Coron, Palawan

11:03 pm 05月13日

First! Let’s start this diary by shuffling a song:

and begin–

I went back to the Philippines during my spring break! During that time, my family & I got the chance to visit Palawan, a province with enchanting beaches. For someone who isn’t a big fan of swimming, this is saying something when I say this is my ultimate beach getaway.

Swimsuit – Chuu / Milk Club

Sunnies – A Milk Club Exclusive

The best part about this private island is that there!!! aRE!! D O G S!!!!

It’s a whole family of dogs!! and a cute cat which I never got the chance to take a photo with ;-;

The view from my tent. Each one of us had their own little tens since there was only one hut and there were too many of us!


Sun-kissed Lolita 🌤

Choker – Erielinestyle x Naomi Nikola exclusive


Swimsuit – Bubbles

THERE WAS AN ICE CREAM BOAT!!!!!!! and yES!! it played the tune!!!

The food was so delicious, I missed food like this so much.

Everything was too magical. I felt like a full-time mermaid (instead of my usual part-time lol)

I’d do it again, and kiss the sun all I can for you, Palawan~

Thanks for swimming with me~!

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  • Reply Jasmine 2018年05月13日 at 11:35 pm

    Omg I love the whole aeshetic of this post and all of these outfits are gorgeous (you look AMAZING in them!! Ya pretty!)!I would love to visit Palawan! It just seems like such a beautiful place to visit

  • Reply Joyce 2018年05月14日 at 10:51 pm

    Girl, you are glowing <3 So glad to see you in your happy place ~

  • Reply Cesca 2018年05月15日 at 8:29 pm

    The ice cream boat is so freaking cute, I never knew that was a thing here in Phils! Thank you for showing us! <3

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