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2:34 pm 01月28日

I’ve finally had the chance to take some photos on how my Kawaii Journal/scrapbook came out so far. Compared to my previous update, it’s a lot more filled up!

This book compresses some highlights I have on my life so far that I’ve designed from the heart. This post will contain the last few months of 2017, specifically since August!

I hope you enjoy (´∀`)♥

The first page on this post showcases my outfit coordinate in Ginza. The next is my visit to Q-pot’s Sailor Moon themed cafe with Risa.

Hanging iout with my classmates back in August & my visit to the Cinamoroll Cafe with Chirikku.

Visiting a Cat Cafe with Yuyu and Vina 💞

some Purikura with my angel, Umi-chan (* ´ ˘ ` *)♡ & finally getting my childhood dream gameboy advanced. Making these really makes me cherishe all these memories even more.

Outfit Coordinate 1 & 2

Visiting the Barbie Pink Holiday Cafe with Yuyu & Vina(´ ▽`).。o♡

My favourite photo of Leo & I ~

Going to All C’s Cafe with Vina 👻🎃

The best Halloween Party I’ve ever been to! with Henrikke (Chirikku) and Armaine 👻🎃🎉

Shibuya Halloween Night with my friend Armaine & Kyle! 🎉

The whimsical Marshmallow Motel photoshoot thanks to my girl Ai Terada 💖

Wego Harajuku opening~

Outfit details (left page) & A チーズ タッカルビ cheese takarubi dinner with some of my classmates 💞

Visiting Campus Toy again with Hermes~


And it’s still so, so unfinished. and maybe that’s a good thing.

I really enjoyed putting life into these pages. I like printing pictures. I like decorating them straight from the heart. It makes me cherish these certain memories a lot more.


Now, I know I don’t have much of a resolution for this year. I just wanna keep growing. I just wanna be better and kinder to myself, that’s all.


Thank you so much for always reading. Thank you for staying with me until now.

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  • Reply Misa 2018年01月28日 at 6:44 pm

    i’ve been waiting for this <3 happy new year babydoll!

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