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10:20 pm 08月12日


22 Facts About Me and outfit details inside~

Top – Bubbles Harajuku

Skirt – Vannie Tokyo

Socks – Milk Girl Store*

Necklace – ADHD Market*

Shoes – Yosuke


22 facts about me

1. I’ve been obsessed with computers since I was 8. It was really bad lol (still is tbh💦)
2. At 11, I delved into some arts of programming. Specifically HTML, CSS, and JavaScript!
3. Because of that I launched my own page (not my own domain) at 12, and made free themes for people LOL
4. I de-stress by killing stuff in video games, watching Rick & Morty, shopping and listening to music.
5. My favourite movies are V for Vendetta (2005), Fight Club (1999), Lolita (1997), Psycho (1960), Leon: The Professional (1994), Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (2010), and Spirited Away (2001)
6. New Wave songs have a special place in my heart 💕
7. I like to listen to dreamy, psychedelic songs quite often as my go-to. Other genres I’m in love with are Alternative Rock, Indie, Dream Pop, Future Funk, Shibuya Kei, Jazz, Hip-hop, etc etc I’m really open to anything haha
8. I’m a HSP (Highly-Sensitive Person)
9. Speaking of sensitive, I’m INFP which explains a part of that
10. My sun is ♊️Gemini and my Moon is in ♏️Scorpio
11. I make a lot of art but I very seldom like showing it to people. (Sketches, paintings, videos, poetry, etc)
12. I’m studying in Tokyo right now and will be starting Fashion college very very soon 😭 *oh man*
13. My humor is dark as hell. Try me 👀
14. Green Tea is my favourite drink 🍵
15. Strawberry anything is also my favourite!! 🍓
16. My first language is English, and I also know some Filipino, Ilocano, and Japanese.
17. I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder with severe depression a while back, but I’m doing my best everyday!
18. I’ve had purple hair for about 4 years now~
19. My favourite food is Katsu Curry 🍛💖
20. My favourite ice cream is Cotton Candy from Baskin Robbins 🍦
21. I am really, really forgetful haha.
22. I’m a proud fast typer! 👐🏻 My highest record is about 137 words per minute (wpm). I could type without looking, have beaten friends in competitions and have won arcade stuff because of this haha.

Thank you for reading,

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