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Nylon Japan Pop-up Art Show ’17

8:14 pm 06月18日

Went to this super kawaii art show party held by NYLON the other week. It was one of the cutest events I’ve ever attended! 💘

The party was held in the old American Apparel in Shibuya. Everything was so pink (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

Tokyo Girl – Perfume 🎶

Every single detail of the decorations just made the vibe even better

welcome to my crib 💘🎶 @nylonjapan party

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Bae Tokyo DJs were here too 🔥

The artist of Art Baby did a live art show, which is the painting above ^

Outfit Details

Top – Nadia
Skirt – Milk Club
Jacket – Bubbles

Choker – One Spo
Earrings – Paris Kids
Shoes – Mon Lily

All the art being sold were so beautiful ;___; ah I wanted to buy everything~ Some artists were quite familiar as well as I followed them on Instagram like @artbabygirl, @robineisenberg, and @michel_e_b !

I wanted to get a cap so bad but not enough 💰 ;__;

Tokyo has been quite a roll to me! You know you’re having so much fun with friends when you don’t realise the sun rising already and your eyes still light up 💦

For example, This morning I went home at 6am and woke up in the afternoon. I went to a DJ party with Armaine but we ended up staying at a Karaoke. Dressed in schoolgirl outfits, we sang our favourite weab-ass anime songs. What can get more Tokyo than this? LOL it was a bizarre night but it was so much fun 💖 These aren’t fictional!

Let me know any suggestions on what to blog next in Tokyo! I’d love to share more stuff too.

Thank you for reading,

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  • Reply Misa 2017年07月9日 at 5:08 pm

    U r really cute💓
    I’m from Japan✨ I’m happy to hear u r enjoying Tokyo trip💫

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