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11:27 pm 03月5日

Outfit Details

Top – Liz lisa
Skirt – Vintage, Milk Club
Socks – Milk Club
Shoes – Takeshita-Street, Harajuku

Choker – Paris Kids Harajuku
Sunnies – Thrifted, Candy Stripper Harajuku
Ponytails – Paris Kids Harajuku, Milk Club

Life Updates ?

Still feeling blue, but i’m existing and trying. Things haven’t been going so swell for the past few months with me lately (mentally and life-wise) so please excuse me if I’m a bit of a downer or weirder than usual sometimes. I’m a surviving girl, though!

The good news is my Japan Visa came through last week and i’ll be for sure studying in Japan again but this time I’ll be finishing my Japanese school studies. Right after,  it’s a sure I’ll be heading straight to my college in Tokyo already. I’m praying it goes well! I know I’ve been drifting in Japan on and off for a while now but I’m always forever terrified things would somehow go wrong.

Playing: Hotline Miami
Listening to: Rusty Machines, Camera Obscura, The Strokes & Little Joy
Watching: Scum’s Wish

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