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Sweetness in a mini purse!

10:18 am 12月16日


Today’s mini review would be on this very cute purse sponsored by this super kawaii brand called Lollifluff (^-^*)/


The one I chose is called Pinky Heart Bunny Purse which you can find here on their online shop. It’s $12 and it’s one of their best sellers (´ω`)

Packaging & Shipping

Delivery time was fairly normal and took about 3-4 weeks to arrive.. Packaging was also fair and nothing out of the ordinary.



I found the design super cute! Looking at it makes me smile a little bit already, and the colour is very me!


The quality is ok, shaping is not entirely perfect but altogether it seems like it’ll hold in for a long time. Although when I received it there was a shiny mark on one part of the eye but not really that much to make a big difference so I don’t really mind it~



I’d love storing my small stickers here! Perhaps even my coins, memory cards, nintendo games and other small trinkets I own. This mini purse is simple, yet I still find it absolutely adorable?


You can get the same purse at Lollifluff for only $12 over here (`・ω・´)”


Thank you for reading, have a nice day!


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