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stuck all day, daydreaming mixtape 1.0

7:10 pm 11月19日


Earlier today, I was on my usual routine of daydreaming and listening to some mixes. That’s what I frequently do whenever I’m in my cave. If it’s not surfing the net or playing video games… it’s most likely me being lazy in bed listening to music (´ー`). On this note, I’ve had a lot of people ask me about what music style I most appreciate.

And in all honesty? I have no clue.

I think I like appreciating music in all of its forms. I can’t produce my own songs to save my life, but the art of music just.. entices me I guess. Like any form of masterpiece, I admire how music can impact you the same way. Taking you to another place, memory, story or emotion.

I got this idea that I wanted to do on this blog ? Make more playlists; sets of songs that I personally am fond of on certain occasions and moods. I’m gonna start with a bedroom daydreaming mixtape since this idea all started from that — hope you guys would like it!



Perhaps if I had to cage up the styles of music I listen to more frequently, it would have to be these:

Somewhat psychedelic, indie pop, alternative rock, dream pop, new wave, and future pop types. There’s also these types of songs that I love that I can’t describe in one word; songs with simple, catchy rhythms that bring a nostalgic feeling. A chorus that sounds like it’s from a  childhood nursery rhyme? I’m not sure if that makes sense. Either way, I keep falling in love with them. Like the intro of Passion Pit‘s It’s not my fault, I’m happy. Or The lightning seeds‘ song entitled Pure. These two are some of my favourites! ?


stuck all day, daydreaming mixtape 1.0


  • Art School – Frankie Cosmos
  • No one like you – Best Coast
  • God Damn (I wanna fuck him! ?) – Chastity Belt
  • Medicine – Joji Miller
  • LDR – Curtismith
  • ルミネセンス (Kai Takahashi Remix) – Kai Takahashi
  • Pink and Blue – Hannah Diamond
  • Brand new start – Little Joy
  • Please, please, please let me get what I want – The Smiths
  • Love is colder than death – The Virgins
  • Summertime – Vince Staples
  • Weird Little Birthday Girl – Happyness
  • Cinnamon – Palehound
  • haunt me (x 3) – Teen Suicide
  • Bones – Crumb
  • Say your name – Blah blah blah
  • Dog Walk – Pity sex
  • plzstoptextingme (feat. roseph) – AJ BRAIN
  • Love me – the 1975
  • On my mind – crwn ft. Olympia


There’s so much more I want to add.. but I’ll leave it with these for now(▰˘◡˘▰) Do you like any of them?


Outfit Details

Jacket – Inu Inu*
Shirt – WEGO / @shopcandykawaiilover
Skirt – Milk Club

Glasses – Trend Depot
Cap – One Spo, Japan
Lenses – Pinky Paradise * / Lensflavors *



I’m in love with this jacket from shop Inu Inu ? Honestly to think I have too many pink outerwears….nope! there’s always room for more ?


Do you have any songs, artists & playlists you’d like to share? Let me know the songs you love listening to when you’re daydreaming in your own cave(っ´ω`c) Thanks so much for reading everyone, have a lovely day!



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  • Reply mai 2016年11月22日 at 3:08 pm

    oh i love this mixtape i’ve had it on the past two days and it helps me feel more positive. thank you for sharing these songs, i do not listen to music much these days besides film OSTs and classical, i really appreciate the change of mood this brings.

    • Reply naominikola 2016年11月22日 at 10:49 pm

      I’m so glad ? thank you so much!

  • Reply sydney 2016年11月27日 at 11:03 am

    wow you have awesome taste in music
    idk if you know these or not but suggestions i think you’d like would be a japanese band called lamp, there’s also another japanese artist i like called moumoon and a korean artist named morrie that i think you’d like co they’re really daydreamy
    i guess also the ravonettes and castlebeat are definitely worth a listen <3

    • Reply naominikola 2016年11月27日 at 10:04 pm

      Wah thanks so much Sydney ? And oh wow thank you for the suggestions! I’ll definitely check these out ?

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