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A series of phone cases

1:48 pm 11月3日

On this diary entry, I’ll be showcasing my phone cases I’ve been collecting for a while now. From quirky to cute — I just can’t resist dressing up my phone in different charming “clothes” ( ´ ▽ ` )!



An overview of all the phone cases I have (excluding the ones I’ve sold?)


I’ve fallen in love with Valfre’s 3D cases so I have too many of them >< It’s not as convenient to use on an every day case though since it’s pretty bulky, but I use them on special events like parties and perhaps photoshoots c:




iphone-cases-naominikola-5 iphone-cases-naominikola-4


My fave one from everything at the moment! This cute pistol phone case is adorable. It clicks when you pull the trigger!


Most of these cases I’ve collected from online or around Tokyo. You can get some of these cases for pre-order @ Milk Club too ✨ I’m having a sale with my older cases, new & vintage here as well.

Do you guys collect anything quirky/cute? Let me know and share them too! I’d love to see them c:



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