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November Japan Candy Box + Giveaway

7:42 pm 11月16日


Here’s to another cute giveaway! ✨ Take in a glimpse on this month’s candy package, sponsored by the wonderful Japan Candy Box ? Giveaway on the read more ~


Their boxing is getting more adorable each time a receive them! The cute prints and everything got me so excited to open it (*/ω\*) My only problem with it was when I received it, the box was a little damaged and open, but I believe it was due to the customs as they put a plastic seal over it ;-;


Ah, my heart ?? There are so much sweets! I didn’t know where to start..



japan-candy-box-november-naominikola-8I paired them along with my Instax mini, and ate some of these while playing my video games and reading manga.


This one was my favorite! <3


I find that food tastes more delicious while watching or reading something (▰˘◡˘▰)


I really love these chips! They even have actual peanuts inside which enticed me quite a lot. The flavour of this snack reminds me a lot of one of my favourite childhood snacks which was Moby Caramel Puffs.


Also!! I’ll be showing you a peak on me trying out one of the Japanese DIY candy I got from this pack which was Kracie’s DoDotto Tsubopyon! (Octopus Poop! lmao). japan-candy-box-november-naominikola-12


It tasted so so so sweet! Just the way I like it ?? Putting on the sprinkles in the end made it even sweeter.



?Japan Candy Box Giveaway ?

Now, unto the giveaway! Get a chance to win your own candy box, straight from sweet Japan?

To enter, just follow all the options found on the widget box below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You can reblog the tumblr post here.

?Shipping is free worldwide~
? Winners shall be announced here, on the deadline followed via the app.
? No need to play all the options, though it will give you more entries.
?TIP: Some options can be done once a day so you can bookmark this page to get back to it! c:

Good luck everybody (人´∀`*)!


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