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Naomi goes to art museums!

8:42 pm 11月28日


I found these pictures collecting dust deep within my folders. It’s quite overdue, and I do sincerely apologise for that ? But!! I might as well share them anyhow. Better late than ever, I suppose (´ε`*)


I’d like to take you guys on this adventure with me in the Pinto Art Museum! It’s a very quaint and wonderful place with its enchanting art pieces and areas & contraptions. I hope you enjoy this post!



I really love the mood this place brings you once you take your first steps here. Everything is a very different atmosphere from the outside world~


Each little thing I found really amusing and pleasing to the eyes. This, my fellow cuties,,… is a table’s surface.


My phone died?


On a random note~ this was my phone case for the day!


My brother and I did our own little shoot on this cute area c:



A cute red parrot located! <3

pinto-art-museum-naominikola-33pinto-art-museum-naominikola-34pinto-art-museum-naominikola-35pinto-art-museum-naominikola-36 pinto-art-museum-naominikola-40 pinto-art-museum-naominikola-39 pinto-art-museum-naominikola-38



This place is huuuuge. So many enticing pieces to see & so little time ?    pinto-art-museum-naominikola-48

They explained this piece above as him saying something in Filipino, though I’m not so sure what he said..

pinto-art-museum-naominikola-47 pinto-art-museum-naominikola-46

I love how it seems like such a cute & innocent pastel painting behind me, but when you look closer the details are a print of two girls having sex lmao(*^3^)

pinto-art-museum-naominikola-45 pinto-art-museum-naominikola-44

I honestly love all types of creative expressions and everything behind it. It’s enticing– how it can form out ideas, historical timelines, secrets, stories, feelings and more with a single piece. What’s another really cool thing about it is that not only is it expressive on its own, but it can also affect you, the viewer. It brings out an emotional connection to the audience with the artist’s own form of communication. We understand, or rather, have our own understanding of it and I think that’s really beautiful.

pinto-art-museum-naominikola-43 pinto-art-museum-naominikola-42 pinto-art-museum-naominikola-41pinto-art-museum-naominikola-50

This is one of my favourites from that day! ^^

I tweeted some pieces that I found really amusing too:


The museum was such an adventure. There were so many things to see, appreciate, feel & learn. I didn’t get to venture through every little bit but the good news about this is that there would be more stuff waiting for me the next time I visit. Oh my goodness, PH art is amazing and I tell you, we should never limit ourselves to just what we hear from school, the radio, popular media and the likes. I aspire to be an artist myself, I’m trying bit by bit but I will get there I promise.

Support local artists and your country’s culture by visiting a museum near you ? Learn & get inspired!

thank you for reading,


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