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6:55 pm 11月7日


“Hey, do you love me?”


candy-girl-naominikola-1  candy-girl-naominikola-9


Life Updates

Going back to Tokyo soon? I’m starting to breathe better again, a little bit. My sleeping is starting to be normalised, and I’ve been more upbeaty recently!

Weekly Favourites ?

Food – カルビーのフルグラ Calbee’s Fruit Granola Cereal
Music – Frankie Cosmos & Chastity Belt
Game – still ow LOL
Drink – Strawberry Banana Yoghurt Smoothie
Series – Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir




Outfit Details

Top – Peiliee Shop*
Skirt – Milk Club
Shoes – Adidas

Contacts – Pinky Paradise* / Lens Flavors*
Socks – Milk Club
Pigtails – Paris Kids Harajuku / Milk Club
Choker – Paris Kids Harajuku
Watch – Cartier

Japanese Candy – Japan Candy Box*


candy-girl-naominikola-6 candy-girl-naominikola-5

This candy!!! is also sponsored by Japan Candy Box <3 A giveaway is coming up for you guys so stay tuned (-^〇^-)

candy-girl-naominikola-4 candy-girl-naominikola-7 candy-girl-naominikola-3

Thank you for reading ♪
読んでくれてありがとうね ♪


sponsors [ Peilee Shop | Pinky Paradise | Lens Flavors | Japan Candy Box ]

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