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Back to school!

5:56 pm 09月1日

naomi-nikola-whats-in-my-school-bag-12 copy

Queue the school bell!

The term is starting for me once again. And frankly, I am not prepared one bit! I have been such a lazy girl lately and the thought of school just makes me want to crawl back under my sheets. Although! I remember one of the things that really prep me up for classes, and that’s using my favourite stationeries I collect!

I find myself more motivated whenever I use or wear something that I like; perhaps something more pink, something more cute! You know?

So here I am, once again showing my love for all things cute that it hurts: Another school essentials blog entry(=`ω´=)

naomi-nikola-whats-in-my-school-bag-11 copy

I am prepared for war: My school bag with my lunch box

Not my official school bag because I tend to change it frequently, depending on the amount of stuff I have to bring. However this one is pretty handy! I could carry it from the top, or wear it as a backpack.

  • ‘I fell in love with you at first sight’ Bag – WEGO Japan
  • ‘Bon Appetit’ Bento Bag – Swimmer Harajuku

naomi-nikola-whats-in-my-school-bag-15 copy

Like the previous school essentials post, I’m still using Valfre’s GAL With A Plan Planner. I personally find it more convenient when I write my plans down, as I found that I execute them more than typing it down on my phone!

naomi-nikola-whats-in-my-school-bag-14 copy

Here is the more complete sight of what I carry in my school bag. I also added other essentials that I bring to school as well, such as my wallet, electronics bag, makeup kit and phone.

School Essentials list:

  • A folder with multiple dividers to organise all my papers (Rilakkuma Folder from Happy Land)
  • A separate notebook for all my notes (Swimmer, Harajuku Japan)
  • Beauty Kit (Sailor Purse from Swimmer, Harajuku Japan)
  • Electronics Purse (Which consists of my powerbank stuff and earphones – Bag from Little Twin Stars Daiso, Charger from Milk Club)
  • Pencil Case (Cat Pencil Case from Divi)
  • Phone (iPhone Case from Valfre)
  • Planner to organize all my events and to-do’s (Diary Planner from Valfre)
  • Memo Stickers (My Melody Stickies from a 100yen Shop in Japan)
  • Small Wallet (Swimmer Harajuku)
  • Scientific Calculator (Divi)
  • ID (ID Lace – Rilakkuma, ID Case – Tokyo Japan)

naomi-nikola-whats-in-my-school-bag-16 copy

Inside my pencil-case is a collection of more cute to kills. Highlighter, black pen, mechanical pencils, pen with different colors, eraser, stamp & correction tape.

naomi-nikola-whats-in-my-school-bag-17 copy

I used to hoard a lot of cute stationery when I was younger so what goes on in my pencil-case changes from time to time.
Note: These are just half of them!! @.@

naomi-nikola-whats-in-my-school-bag-19 copynaomi-nikola-whats-in-my-school-bag-10 copy

If you wanna check out what’s in my lunch box, you can click here ?


Thank you for reading!

I’ll also be covering what’s in my bag, beauty kit, and more reaaaal soon! <3 Have a wonderful day ~


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