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Cardcaptor Sakura Cafe in Ikebukuro

9:13 pm 08月15日


So I got the chance to visit this wonderful childhood favourite – themed cafe in the heart of Ikebukuro.  Any Cardcaptor fans out here ( ´∀`)?

When I heard that Animate Cafe was gonna have a pop-up cafe of this beloved anime, I got my friend (who’s also named Sakura! 笑) to book with me right away ?



Dress – Liz Lisa
Coat – Thrifted
Bag – WEGO
Socks – Takeshita-Dori, Harajuku
Shoes – Mon Lily
Choker – Paris Kids Harajuku
Hair Tie – Paris Kids Harjauku / Milk Club
Bracelet – Swimmer Harajuku



The cafe was in the top two floors of the Animate Cafe building ( ´ ▽ ` ) we were really happy we got to book it for the last day! Almost every time frame and days were full already since it’s a really popular anime! hehe



today’s playlist is dedicated to warm up your inner magical girl in you ✨


The menu! I swear I wanted to get everything but… ?  the price…


Wish I went to the center but I got too excited to think properly?


All the pretty card captor merchandise, exclusively for this event~


My first order✨

The serving was a bit smaller than expected, but delicious nevertheless (´ε`*)


Curry Rice for my friend’s order! yum(^ω^)

naominikola-ikebukuro-28The cafe’s drinks looked super mesmerizing, and tasted yummy as well? I ordered the moon soda for the drink, and Sakura ordered the Sakura drink (笑)


That crescent-shaped chocolate inside tho(っ´ω`c)



A pic with me n my foodies!! hehe c:


After our meal, we both decided to squeeze in some Milk n’ Cookies too


“mmmm milk n cookies”


And for desert~ we shared some pancakes! ?


happy guest!!! ^^^^^


With every food we get, we receive one of these for free ?



After food time, I dropped by Sunshine City for a little while! Here’s some few pictures I took~

naominikola-ikebukuro-12 naominikola-ikebukuro-11

I stopped by Sanrio Vivitix and found all these adorable trinkets ?  oh, the things I’d buy here if I had millions of yen~ (hint: that’s all of them)

naominikola-ikebukuro-10 naominikola-ikebukuro-9

And~ of course, since I was in the block anyway, I wanted to visit the Pokémon center (;∇;)

naominikola-ikebukuro-8 naominikola-ikebukuro-7 naominikola-ikebukuro-6 naominikola-ikebukuro-5 naominikola-ikebukuro-4


From the Cafe’s merchandise, I bought this super cute folder with all of the team on it:


Also! Since I went out with my friend, Sakura that day, I also want to share with you what this sketch she made of me(´;ω;`) it’s so so cute! She’s really talented you guys, I’ve seen her sketchbooks! You can check out her other artworks on her Pixiv here. Thank you for coming with me that day girl (-^〇^-)

Hope you enjoyed this sweet adventure with me, let me know what you think! <3



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