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5:43 pm 08月23日

I’ve spawned a new outfit post finally!

I was also a little bit inspired by Hey Arnold! & Mathilda from Léon: The Professional while making this coordinate (o´ω`o)




Focal Point: Star Choker 
Sponsored by @lilithphl from IG ✨


Pins: Different art stores in Tokyo, Japan
Babycat Pin: Katie TOKYO


Bag: WEGO // @shopcandykawaiilover
Stickers: Little Miss Paintbrush // Kawaii PH Store


Socks: Street Star
Shoes: Topshop


Current Obsessions:

Candy: Lollipops ?
Drink: Green Tea ?
Music: Frank Ocean ? & Hannah Diamond ?
Game: Overwatch ?

I’ve been eating too much food lately I can never control myself(*´﹃`*) I found that candies really help with this!! So here I am currently obsessed with Chupa Chups, specifically strawberry or grape flavored ones.

Also! I’ve been listening to Frank Ocean lately since he !!!!finally!!! released a new album and it’s really nice to listen to.

One thing I have been majorly obsessing about recently though, is, this god damned game everyone is talking about right now. Yup. This game has taken over my life.


Top: Thrifted
Dress: American Apparel



Merci beaucoup <3




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