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1:57 pm 07月24日


There are 3 places in Tokyo I always fall back to daydreaming about: Harajuku, Shimo-kitazawa & Koenji ?

In this photo diary, I’ll be taking you on my day to Shimo-kitazawa & Harajuku through a few shots that I took( ´∀`)I’ll be showing a few shops that I adore going to, and new ones that I’ve encountered along the way.

naominikola-shimokitazawa-may-145  naominikola-shimokitazawa-may-139

naominikola-shimokitazawa-may-146下北沢 Shimokitazawa

first stop, しもきたざわ♡


There’s something about this lovely neighbourhood that draws me in. The food, the clothes, the vibrations, all of the above perhaps?


The shops here are wonderful too. Although there are still some over-the-top expensive vintage shops around, there are a lot of vintage/designer shops that are quite affordable as well.


naominikola-shimokitazawa-may-141 naominikola-shimokitazawa-may-142

For brunch, I went to a healthy pancake house. A wonderful meal to start the day honestly.

I also got to order this delicious smoothie that they had, it was Banana Apricot Yoghurt smoothie I believe?



One of the quaint dessert shops that attracted me that day(人´∀`*)I really love the aesthetic, it’s super me! hehe( థ ਊ థ)


I believe they’re known for their Gelato here the best, but I got caramel crepe that day instead. It was still quite delicious(´ε`*)

naominikola-shimokitazawa-may-153 naominikola-shimokitazawa-may-156

Inside this shop made me have a nostalgic feeling. It reminds me of my childhood a whole lot! Yes, I was (and probs still is) a very girly girl.

naominikola-shimokitazawa-may-155 naominikola-shimokitazawa-may-154

naominikola-shimokitazawa-may-144   naominikola-shimokitazawa-may-157 naominikola-shimokitazawa-may-158naominikola-shimokitazawa-may-159

naominikola-shimokitazawa-may-160naominikola-shimokitazawa-may-140 naominikola-shimokitazawa-may-162


What I noticed in vintage stores around Tokyo, mostly Shimokitazawa and Koenji, is that their clothes and trinkets are imported from the states. A lot of vintage cute toys from american happy meals and such, while the clothes go back from north america in the 50’s or so.

naominikola-shimokitazawa-may-163 naominikola-shimokitazawa-may-164naominikola-shimokitazawa-may-170

I really adore going to this store. The place I believe, are shelves full of cute accessories and art pieces handmade from different local indie artists.

naominikola-shimokitazawa-may-169 naominikola-shimokitazawa-may-168 naominikola-shimokitazawa-may-167

It’s as if each cubby hole has its own world(´ ▽`)

naominikola-shimokitazawa-may-166 naominikola-shimokitazawa-may-165naominikola-shimokitazawa-may-171 naominikola-shimokitazawa-may-176 naominikola-shimokitazawa-may-175 naominikola-shimokitazawa-may-174

Like a dollhouse(=´∇`=)

naominikola-shimokitazawa-may-173 naominikola-shimokitazawa-may-172





「原宿」はらじゅく Harajuku

I also tried to fit in a few hours of Harajuku time as well(o^^o)



Bubbles! Ahh, one of my favourite Harajuku brandsヾ(*⌒ヮ⌒*)ゞ

naominikola-harajuku-may-140 naominikola-harajuku-may-139 naominikola-harajuku-may-138

I’m really in love Bubbles’ aesthetic right now. This theme really grows inside of me so (#/。\#)

naominikola-harajuku-may-137 naominikola-harajuku-may-136

Here are other shops that I adore and usually visit:

Bubbles saw the city
Rosemarie Seoir 
Mon Lily
Jesus Shop
One Spo
Romantic Standard





For dinner, I settled with Pomu Noki! I’ve never tried eating here before so I wanted to try it out(▰˘◡˘▰)


Their food and shakes tasted really good! I wanted to eat more but I know I shouldn’t(〃^▽^〃)





Ever since I was 15, Harajuku already left a special mark in my heart.

Let me be honest with you though, despite my strong love and adoration for this wonderful place, this is sort of the least place I visit. I guess cause I love it too much, if that makes sense. It’s pretty crowded now, that’s for sure. But whenever I’m there, I feel like I’m home than everything else. The reason why I avoid going here is because I can’t help myself too! I always spend more than I should?

Evidence of my foolishness hehe.


So that’s it for my day. The weather was quite warm but everything was okay! I was too distracted by the enchanting sights I saw anyways. On the upcoming posts, I’ll be taking you to Koenji so stay tuned for that!

Thank you guys for reading <3


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