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4:58 pm 07月10日


Found a folder of images that’s been collecting dust for quite a while already. A few months back when I was a little more active on Tumblr! Guess I should share these anyway right( ´∀`)


Weekly’s Current Obsessions

Music Artist: Little Joy & The Virgins
Series: Rick n Morty, Sherlock
Game: Pocket Mortys LOL
Drink: Tequila Rose

Outfit Details

Top – Jellybean
Skirt – Milk Club
Socks – SM Kid’s Department Store lmao
Shoes – YRU/Nikki Lipstick / Milk Club

Necklace – Tokyo Disneyland

Oh wow, look at how long my hair was(^ ^)

Lately I’ve been so busy that I haven’t caught up with my blog in a while. Hopefully I’ll get things back up together soon again, wish me luck here! Next post would be another Tokyo adventure diary. Stay tuned sweets ✨



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