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10:50 pm 05月1日

Today’s outfit coordinate is inspired by romantic daydreams, tasting cotton candy & hating mondays (っ´ω`c)



Read more to learn more about me + today’s outfit details!





image023443naominikola_spring_2729The cutest Totoro Choker! You can get yours here at Poison Tragic

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20 Facts About me

  1. According to my birth certificate, I’ve been alive for 20 years!
  2. My sun in rising is Gemini and my moon is in Scorpio
  3. I’m a hopeless romantic(o^^o)
  4. I’ve had purple hair for 3 years now
  5. I am left-handed
  6. I’m currently studying in Tokyo, my favourite city in the whole planet(▰˘◡˘▰)
  7. New Wave songs are my happy songs
  8. INFP-T is my personality type
  9. I daydream a lot to the point I get distracted so easily and quickly ;;
  10. It’s not hard for me to cry! When they start or I can’t help but think about sad things, I can’t stop
  11. I am terribly shy to the point I’d procrastinate and do other work just so I wouldn’t do certain things outside of my comfort zone
  12. My dreams can get immensely vivid and strange quite a lot.
  13. My favourite artists are Passion Pit, Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, The cure, Best Coast, daoko, crwn, & The Fratellis
  14. Even though I don’t like watching scary films, I enjoy playing horror video games as long as it involves slaying and shooting them
  15. My humour is very anti & dark
  16. Socialising for too long stresses me out
  17. I get fascinated quite easily
  18. I can live with just milk and cookies
  19. My height is 5’1″ or 155cm
  20. I’ve done so many things, but sadly I never stay on it too long due to me getting distracted with other things! There’s just too many things I wanna do.



Thank you for reading, have a lovely day!



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