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Tokyo Photo Diary 〜4月23日

3:29 pm 04月23日

Falling in love with Tokyo, again and again.



I had a strawberry craze once I landed here! I still do love strawberries very much, but the first few days I was いちご everything (∗˃̶ u ˂̶∗)!

Post-photoshoot self-portraits!

Went out with Nami (who is like a dear sister to me! as you’ve seen her in some of my posts) for a stroll to see what’s left of the cherry blossoms. And of course~ they are still as beautiful as ever. You can check out my quick Sakura post here.

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i found tru love

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rare photos of me with my glasses on ?

School started right away? And I’ve honestly been really stressed out recently. Hopefully I’d adjust to it again soon!

me trynna look cool LOL

So far, Tokyo has been treating me so well. I’m so glad to be studying in my favourite city on this planet. I’m looking forward for more things to come!

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Outfit Details

I also have this week’s spring outfit post ~


The cutest bow sponsored by Oh my bows shop ?



Bag from Sanrio (Little Twin Stars) in Japan <3



Thank you for reading, have a lovely day everybody! ?

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