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He loves me, he loves me not

11:30 pm 02月7日

valentine's day

An outfit coordinate idea for valentines day — wether you’re going out on a date or watching those romantic films with your friends ♡

naomi nikola


I paired out a bittersweet combo with mixing up dark to cute styles in this outfit to make for this weekend’s upcoming ~*~lovey dovey~*~ day.

naomi nikola

Honestly, I look forward to events such as these! Many people might detest these holidays for the argument that:

“shouldn’t you love your lover 24/7?”

Yes, of course. However, I don’t think that’s the point of it at all.

If you look at it in another light, I really do believe it’s a celebration of spreading love. Wether if it’s for a lover, your dear friends, or and even yourself. I look forward to Valentine’s day because I get to make and get creative with chocolates to the people I love: my friends, my boyfriend, my family. And I get to see their happy faces(∗˃̶ v ˂̶∗)!

Holidays aren’t supposed to make you forget about them after it’s over, it’s supposed to celebrate them, and to spark that creativity in the process as well.

naomi nikola

naomi nikola

naomi nikolanaomi nikola

Outfit Details

Dress – Dolly Kaye
ShellieMay Bear – Tokyo Disneysea
Socks – WEGO
Shoes – Sugarbaby / Dollskill / Milk Club

Lenses – Flavorlens (Sponsored)

naomi nikolanaomi nikolanaomi nikola

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