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At the edge of the Philippines

4:43 pm 02月28日

Bright skies, strong winds, the smell of the sea & grass in the air — that was my first impression of Basco, Batanes



Valugan Boulder Beach

When I stepped in the province I didn’t have a single clue on the sights I was about to witness. People described Batanes as a place having really beautiful scenery, with its rolling hills and more. To see all of that with my own eyes was even better. It’s like I stepped inside postcards!


To start, I’ll be sharing my playlist for the trip:


My first morning started well! Despite having not a single wink of sleep, the scenery was too enchanting that it really piqued my interest too soon( ´∀`)This beach is known to having no sand at all, but in place have a vast number of big rocks.


Vayang Rolling Hills



naomi-nikola-batanes-0568 naomi-nikola-batanes-0573naomi-nikola-batanes-0555

My little brother, Nero with his cute SNK Jacket lol(^ω^)

naomi-nikola-batanes-0584 naomi-nikola-batanes-0589 naomi-nikola-batanes-0588

One thing that was really different in this province compared to any other provinces I’ve been to and the city– the winds are really strong!

naomi-nikola-batanes-0602naomi-nikola-batanes-0590naomi-nikola-batanes-0591  naomi-nikola-batanes-0598naomi-nikola-batanes-0599 naomi-nikola-batanes-2-2naomi-nikola-batanes-0606naomi-nikola-batanes-0608I really like this place because I could see the ocean from these hills!naomi-nikola-batanes-0614naomi-nikola-batanes-0641We also took a visit to one of the famous lighthouses in the area. And took quite a number of silly pictures!

naomi-nikola-batanes-0634 naomi-nikola-batanes-0640 naomi-nikola-batanes-0635

Morong Beachnaomi-nikola-batanes-080031

I spent my next early morning on another beach! Though at this point of my trip, my camera’s battery died down(/。\)Unfortunately, I didn’t bring a charger and so with this I’d like to apologise for the lack of quality in the rest of the pictures?


I wore my blue gingham dress that I bought from a local store in manila (I forgot the name sadly?) matched with my vintage basket bag I thrifted from Shimokitazawa, Tokyo ( ´ ▽ ` )


The saltwater is warm on my feet, the sand feels amazing.

naomi-nikola-batanes-081244naomi-nikola-batanes-081906Now I’m not really fond of beaches, or swimming for that matter. but this beach made me fall in love with beaches all over again honestly(^ ^)naomi-nikola-batanes-083213 naomi-nikola-batanes-083228Tried to do Natsumi Hayashi‘s levitating self portraits on this trip too!naomi-nikola-batanes-9466

I wish my heart was as cold as the morning dew?
but it’s as warm as saxophones ?
and honey in the sun for you?



Chamantad-Tiñan Cove

naomi-nikola-batanes-094628naomi-nikola-batanes-094359naomi-nikola-batanes-095152So far, this was the windiest place I’ve ever set foot on! It was so windy I almost started rolling, couldn’t hear people and my dress & hair was going all over the place (*´ο`*)! naomi-nikola-batanes-094759naomi-nikola-batanes-094842naomi-nikola-batanes-095359In this place, you can choose to rent their handmade garments(?) that the natives use, like the hat i’m wearing now( ´∀`)Their items range from different kinds of hats, to outerwear that was made for strong winds and such. It’s really cool!




We were really intrigued to visit a few villages here as we have heard that many of their houses have a lot of history going on in them, the structures, buildings and all of those connecting to the climate. their culture and history.

naomi-nikola-batanes-103137 naomi-nikola-batanes-103316Took a quick breakヽ(*・ω・)ノ naomi-nikola-batanes-103229 naomi-nikola-batanes-103146 naomi-nikola-batanes-103144 naomi-nikola-batanes-103142naomi-nikola-batanes-103354

naomi-nikola-batanes-140809At the famous Honesty Coffee Shop found in the town of Ivana.

I found the concept of this coffee shop really unique and interesting. There is no one manning the store, as visitors can come and go to eat and place the money in the “cash box”. The menu and log is there for you, as it tests your morals and honesty. It’s really cool!

naomi-nikola-batanes-0786Had to tie my hair! The weather is getting quite hot(´ω`★) Taking a few selfies from my mom’s samsung selfie camera!

Alapad Hill

naomi-nikola-batanes-144924All these cute goats(っ´ω`c)

naomi-nikola-batanes-145205naomi-nikola-batanes-145217That cute goat in the background tho(´ω`)naomi-nikola-batanes-145213

Our kind and lively tourist carried one of the cutest goats to show my brother! Look at this cuteness omg(*≧▽≦)ノシ would you believe that this little kid can make such a really loud noise? really adorable(∗˃̶ ᵕ ˂̶∗)

naomi-nikola-batanes-0789best selfie we had on this trip✨ hope you’re doing okay, baby goat!naomi-nikola-batanes-0794naomi-nikola-batanes-145605naomi-nikola-batanes-145554naomi-nikola-batanes-145602naomi-nikola-batanes-145609Hello~


naomi-nikola-batanes-9490Marlboro Country/ Racuh A Payaman

naomi-nikola-batanes-152127naomi-nikola-batanes-154420naomi-nikola-batanes-152741This place is so open and free! I can see horses running so free in this place too. It was my first time I saw horses out free in my life. I felt so happy for them!naomi-nikola-batanes-9491More jump shots from us! naomi-nikola-batanes-9496 naomi-nikola-batanes-9506“this cloud looks like fried chicken” — my little bro

When you see it though.


I’m at the edge of the Philippines ✨(-^〇^-)✨!naomi-nikola-batanes-155844

This trip was a blast! I had an amazing time. All these wonderful sights that I have never thought we had, it makes me more curious what lies more in the Philippines that I know nothing of. The realness and beauty of everything(*ノωノ) Some day I wish to travel to all these parts, I hope it’ll be soon!

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